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Enjoy a recap of the 2019 Blues Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony!

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Overview of The Blues Foundation’s
Blues Hall of Fame Museum

Opened in May of 2015, The Blues Foundation’s Blues Hall of Fame Museum is a Memphis gem for both serious blues fans and casual visitors. With robust exhibits and in-depth history, the museum exposes, educates, and entertains visitors with all that is blues culture while highlighting over 400 inductees in five key categories: Performer, Individual, Album, Single, and Literature.

Our visitors will enjoy 10 individualized galleries with interactive touchscreen displays along with three master databases where they can hear the music, watch videos, and read the stories of each of our inductees. In addition, each gallery houses one-of-a-kind memorabilia to include such iconic pieces as

  • Pee Wee Crayton’s Fender Stratocaster Guitar
  • Muddy Water’s Stella Acoustic Guitar
  • Donald “Duck” Dunn’s Lakland Electric Bass
  • Matt “Guitar” Murphy’s McHugh Guitar
  • Bettye LaVette’s Kennedy Center Honors Performance Outfit
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Performance Kimono

You will enjoy viewing hard-to-find album covers and photographs, important awards, unique art, musical instruments and costumes, tour jackets, and other special items that can only be seen at The Blues Foundation’s Blues Hall of Fame Museum.

Our upstairs, Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise Gallery hosts traveling exhibits that rotate every four months, offering the visitor a new experience every time you walk through our front doors.

The museum was built through the generosity and support of Blues fans so that it would serve all four components of The Blues Foundation’s mission: preserving history, celebrating excellence, supporting education, and ensuring the future of the music.

Current Exhibit


Into the Light is a twenty-year retrospective coffee-table book featuring a foreword by blues and rock legend Steve Miller and showcasing many musical luminaries.
This exhibit features blues legends and Blues Hall of Famers such as B.B. King, Robert Cray, Etta James, Mavis Staples, Honeyboy Edwards, and Johnny Winter to name just a few.

Into the Light book is available for purchase in the Blues Hall of Fame museum gift shop. In addition, each framed photograph is also available for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds being donated back to The Blues Foundation. To see more of Jérôme’s work, please visit jeromebrunet.com.

“After twenty years into my journey as a music photographer I thought it was time to put my work “Into the Light” and share this collection with music and art lovers everywhere. As a musician and music fan, photography has allowed me to channel my passion and I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I did taking them.” – Jérôme Brunet

The Into The Light exhibition will be on display through October 2022.

The upstairs gallery of The Blues Foundation’s Blues Hall of Fame Museum is sponsored by the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise.

The Blues Foundation’s Blues Hall of Fame
Current Class of Inductees

The Blues Foundation’s Blues Hall of Fame honors those who have made the Blues timeless through performance, documentation, and recording.

Class of 2022 Inductees: Performers

Lucille Bogan

Little Willie John

Johnnie Taylor

Click here for the full class of inductees, complete bios, & induction process

Thank you to those who contributed to Raise the Roof and helped build The Blues Foundation’s Blues Hall of Fame Museum

Assisi Foundation of Memphis
Friend of The Blues Foundation
Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise & Cruisers

Kathy Bolmer & Andy T

Daniel Tallman
Jim Allchin
First Tennessee Foundation
Hyde Family Foundation
Plough Foundation
Robinson & Maites
Daniel Tallman
Paul S. and Leigh S. Tischler

Steve & Shirley Adams
Hagar Family Foundation
Tripp Hopkins & Laura Dupuy
Steve Miller

Janice Johnston
Michael Kisber
Mick & Molli Kolassa
Eric & Sue Simonsen

Yvonne & Michael LaFramboise
Calvin & Amy McKenzie
Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau
William Howard Thie Foundation

Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
Luther Allison
Martin & Krista Babinec
Blues Festival Guide
Thomas W. Briggs Foundation
Canal Bank Shuffle
The Majestic Grille
George Thorogood & the Destroyers
Kerby & Judith Confer

Mike Donahue
FedEx Corporation
Grinder, Taber, & Grinder
Scott Haasl
Big Llou’s Hall of Fame Tribute Jam
Jay & Priscilla
Kevin & Haden Kane
Bob Trenchard
John & Laurie Tucker

Stefan & Amy
Martin, Tate, Morrow & Marston
Memphis Blues Society
Meg Ramos
Jim Robertson
Joey & Claudia Sichting
Washington Blues Society
Bill Wax & Sheila Jaskot
Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation

Acadiana Blues Society
Dave & Deb Allen
Donovan Allen
American Dream Foundation
Mike & Karen Ancona
Steve & Jane Andrews
Atlanta Blues Society
Dusty Baker
Badnews Barnes
Beale Street Merchants Association
David & Liz Berntson
Blue Mountain Artists
Blues Society of Omaha
Robert Bopp
Erik Boyd & Kirsten Thien
Tim & Michelle Burge
Ronnie Baker Brooks
Keven Campbell
Canadian Polar Bear Blues Showcase
Central Iowa Blues Society
Cindy Canup
Paul Cimbala
Robert Clarke & Helen Jenks Clarke
Craig Coffield
Colorado Blues Society
Danny Cox
Zach Cross & LeAnne Clay
CrossCut Records
Crossroads Blues Society
DC Blues Society
Kristen Dahl
Nick Dahl & Bobbie Hullermann
Delta Groove Music
Dr. Wu Music
Charles & Lori Ragsdell
Jeff & Shelly Rainwater
Marnie Ring
Pat Robertson
Curtis Salgado
Marty Salzman
Saskatoon Blues Society

Sheila & Tim Drevyanko
Kevin & Deberah Erickson
Darren Jay Fallas
Reuben Farris & Kathy Seney
Horst-Dieter Fischer
Michael Foster
Ricky & Kathy Freedman
Michael Freeman
Richard & Shannon Gallet
Phil & Linda Gatz
Nancy Gaydos
Thomas & Karen Geelan
Joe & Jeanette Geraghty
Great Northern Blues Society
Elliott Gross
Denny Hachenberg & Sheila McCoy
Michael J. Hannan
Chris Hardwick
Mary Ann Haskell
Steve Hecht
C. Damon Hecker
Houston Blues Society
Tony TFJ Howitt
Intrepid Artists Int’l
Christopher Jaeckel
Ken Johnson
David & Tracy Jones
Maureen & Tony Juodis
Kalt Family Foundation
Sergio Kapfer & Daphna Krim
Thomas & Helen Heron Karnes
Becky & George Scully
John Sheppard
Gail Singer & Mark McGrath
Smoky Mountain Blues Society
Patricia & Corky Solum
Janie Soong
South Florida Blues Society
Southwest Florida Blues Society

Dave Keyes
Tommy Keys & Donna Malerba
Kids for the Blues
George & Betty Klein
Cynthia Kosciuk
Tom Lafreniere & Donna Mellquist
Lellyett & Rogers Company
George Lord & Sarah Hurley
Lucerne Blues Festival
Scott & Beane Lynema
Tim & Sherry May
Gary & Becky Mayo
Charles McCarthy
Thomas McCoy
Wes and Fain McDaniel
Roger Meeden
Cathy & Michael Miller
Kathy Minke & Bob Sekinger
Clint Morgan
Susan Murrmann
Nick Nixon
Northern Arizona Blues Alliance
Greg & Charlotte Nuckles
Karen Nugent
John & Cynthia Olsen
Ottawa Blues Society
Panama Blues
Ron Partain
Phoenix Blues Society
Bob & Linda Porter
Joe & Tracey Powell
Tall City Blues Fest
Earl Thomas
Hal Thompson
Bonnie & Art Tipaldi
Brian & Julie Tresnak
Jimmy & Annette Trujillo
Lynette Webster & Jeff Wagner
David Walker
Holly & Barry Walter
Allen Wiltz
Wired! Band
Dan & Maureen Woodard
Wyoming Blues & Jazz Society
Stephen & Linda Zenuh

2 Blue Shoes
2 Left Feet Blues Festival
Kenny & Susan Acosta
Gaye Adegbalola
Mark Alestra
Michael Rece Allen
Scott Allen & Jen Taylor
David & Catherine Almvig
Eric Ambro
Larsen & Michelle Anderson
Connie & Brad Appier
Keith & Mary Archer
Carles Gatell Arimont
Armadillo Music
Paul & Janet Averwater
Susan Baker & Jim LaPlante
Glenn Bauer
Carl & Linda Beauregard
Deborah Bell
Marc & Lisa Biales
Billtown Blues Association
David Lee Bishop
Louis & Kathy Blackwell
Paul Blackwell & Mary Dellorto
Robert Blake
Maureen Block & Tommy Castro
Blues Kids of America
Blues Lovers United of San Diego
Blues Mob of San Francisco Bay
Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania
Blues Society of Tulsa
Marla & Kris Boehmer
Spencer & Marilyn Bohren
Jerry Bowdren
John Brazell
Joe & Elizabeth Brown
Peggy Burke
Thomas Calk
Cindy Canup
Cape Fear Blues Society
Capital Area Blues Society
Laura Carbone
Sean Carney’s Blues For A Cure
Cascade Blues Association
Phil & Lynn Casciotti
Ray & Louise Cassidy
Charlie & Courtney Ciaramitaro
Barbara & John Claire
Wayne Clark & Kim Laramy
Buddy & Sandy Cleveland
Michael Cloeren
David & Sachiko Clough
Connecticut Blues Society
Beth Cooper
Carl Cox
Bruce Cozadd & Sharon Hoffman
Bob Crattie
Dam Blues Festival
Darwin’s Burgers & Blues
Michele Davis
Carrol Deen
Kyle Deibler
Rich & Lisa Del Grosso
Detroit Blues Society
Dion DiMucci
Mindy & Bobby Dollar
Albert & Pamela Dollear
Michael & Elaine Dortch
Kathleen Doyle
Elizabeth Drewry
Ted Drozdowski & Laurie Hoffma
Ron Duke
Ronnie Earl
William Cole Early IV
Donald Ebenstein
Bill Eberle & Dagney Ernest
Edmonton Blues Society
Steven & Jennifer Edwards
Ellersoul Records
JoAnn Engel
Marc Engel
Len Entrabartolo
Jack Everitt
H. Wayne Ferguson
Sam & Freida Fillingane
Brett & Dolores Fleming
Karl Schmed
Gloria Schmed-Scott
Layne & Pat Schoonover
Self Foundation
Shacksdale USA
Donna & John Shelton
John Shelton
Charles & Nino Shipp
Diana Shonk
Richard Silbert
Phyllis Sigal & Bruce Wheeler
Robert Simpson & Cindy Look
Barbara Singer
Lynn & Tim Sinnett
John Skovmand
Ted & Jo Slowik
Soul Fixin’ Foundation
South Sound Blues Association
Karen Spacek
Scott & Patti Sparks
Hal Spergel
Pam & Bill Spry
Standard Builders
Rod Stark
Thomas Starno
Leah Starr
Anna Stashower
James & Rita Stearns

Rick & Ellen Foster
Doug & Inez Frank
Michael Frank
Lynn Frankowski
“Mr. Charlie” Frazier
Amy Friedman
Jed & Patricia Friedrichsen
Joey Fulkerson
Wolfgang Fundinger
Hap & Brenda Gagne
Craig & Cindi Garrelts
Barry Gebler & Linda Bronsdon
Mike & Kalli Genest
Georgetown Fats
Thomas Gettelfinger
Chris Gill
Mike & Oscar Glenn & Jacinda Norton
Golden Gate Blues Society
Mark Goodman
Grafton Blues Association
Grand River Blues Society
Granite State Blues Society
Great Lakes Blues Society
Great Northern Blues Society
Ken Grosh
Kris Gyorke
Raymond Hall
Emily Hallock
Barbara Hammerman & Amanda Gresham
Adrianna Marie Hansen
Zac Harmon
Bradley Harned
Bob & Donna Hastings
Cam Hayden
Robin Heard
Matt & Judy Heiter
Georgia Helmick & Bob Pace
Andy & Linda Henry
Heritage Music BluesFest
Hernandez family
HighJohn Records
High Water Records
Jeff & Linda Hillman
Mike Hodson Family
William Hogue & Erica McPhillips
Bonnie Hollabaugh
Lou Holscher & Suzanne English
Dietmar Hoscher
House of Blues Entertainment
Drew Howie
David & Sherree Hughes
Robert Hughes
Inland Empire Blues Society
J.P.’s Shellfish Company
Kathleen Kelso Jack
Jimmy Jacobs
Greg & Cindi James
Jennifer Janes
Stacy Jeffress
Powell & Harriette Jenkins
Jeff Jensen
Chris & DeForest Johnson
S. Berry Jones Architects
Mark & Chris Jordan
Barb & Geno Kabes
Karen & Doug Keller
Bridget Kelly Band
Harrison Kennedy
Judith Kerr
Kinder Family Foundation
Candy King
Steven Kinney
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Bob Kissel
Kitchener Blues Community
Wayne & Gail Klahs
Brandon Knight
Lisa Kubiske
Dan Kubiske
Fran & Joan Kulle
Leslie Landreth
Greg & Kendra Langdon
Jim LaPlante & Susan Baker
Brian LaPrade
Cyndi Lauper
JT & Marion Lauritsen
Ben & Janet Lawson
Hans Lebuser
Goran Stensrud & Bitten Svendsen
Ricky Stevens
Steve & Teri Stoerger
Trish Stypka & Jane Kreinberg
Suncoast Blues Society
Jenipher Sutherland
Michael & Linda Sweeney
Howard & Ilene Swidler
Sydney Blues Society
SYLA Presents
Bonnie Tallman
Nancy & Jimmy Tashie
Tater Red’s
Carol & Otis Taylor
Cassie Taylor
Phil & Martha Thien
Alex Thomas
Thunder Bay Blues Society
Connie Thyng
Time Out Pub
Topeka Blues Society
Toronto Blues Society
Trento Family
Jessica & Donald Truax
Tim Tully
Susan Turner
Avril & George Twyman
Kathi & Dirk Vandever

David Lee
Leland Blues Project
Alan & Barb Leo
Mark & Ellen Levine
Stefan Levy
Don & Rosemary Lewis
Buck & Malinda Lewis
Mildred Lincoln
Albert & Barbara Lindsey
Charlie Lockard
Long Island Blues Society
Deb Lubin
Lugar Foundry
Attila, Robert & Cecilia Lukacs
Pat & Patti Lynch
Doug & Patti Joy MacLeod
Maine Blues Society
Mike & Starla Mammon
Bill & Helene Mandras
Michael Maness
Ben Marcolin
Rick Massuch
James McMenis
Bill & Draughon McPherson
Alex & Tina Merrifield
Bruce H. Meshell
Scott & Judy Miller
Mississippi Delta Blues Society of Indianola
Janice Monti
Darwin Moore
Warrick Moore & Maxine McNeil
Pat Morgan
Chapman & Chip Morrow
Peter Mullins
Olga Wilhelmine Munding
Music Maker Relief Foundation
Covedog Myers
Byron Nesbitt
James & Gweneth Newborn
Lan & Nel Nichols
Northeast Ohio Blues Association
Orange County Blues Society
Lee Oskar
Scott Owen
Eric Packer
Peter Parcek
Sista Monica Parker
Roger Patterson
T-Bird Pattison & Linda DiTullo
Pemigewasset Blues Crew
Holger Petersen
Henry Phillips
Chuck & Jolie Porter
Robert Posch
Tracey & Joe Powell
Dave & Cindy Power
Prairie Crossroads Blues Society
Smokey Pratt
Andy & Jill Pressler
Dale & Koko Preston
Leo Priest
Rick Rabe
Diane Rahkonen
Stephen & Cathy Rayner
Marshall Reavis
Darlene Rector
Willie Reinders & Christine Keffeler
Rick & Terre Renninger
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Sally & Keith Riggs
Riverwalk Blues & Music Festival
River City Blues Society of Virginia
Robert & Carline Roach
Terri Robbins
Frank Roszak
Evelyn Rubio
Nick & Louise Ruf
Glenn Ruff
Nancy Ruff & Jim Connell
Peter, Michelle & Estelle Ryan
W. Michael Ryan
Julie Rybacki
Chris Sabie
Sacramento Blues Society
Santa Barbara Blues Society
Ralph Sarayusa & Laura Griffin
Bob Scales & Mary Keefe
Vicksburg Blues Society
Carol & Kurt Viegelmann
Jim & Yati Vogan
Jennifer Weaver
Marcia Weaver
Janet M. Webb
Little G Weevil & Brandi Szucs
Ronald Weinstock
Lynn Orman Weiss
Donna Weitzel
West Virginia Blues Society
David Whillock
Don & Michele Wilcock
George Willett
Ron & Brenda Williams
Miss Jackie Wilson
Roger, Linda, Jaclyn & Julie Winkelman
Dana Mae Winter
Marsha Wooten
Working Law Firm
Katie Wright
Yellow Dog Records
Mike Zito
Zaida Zoller
Andy & Susan Steele
Jill & Ken Steinberg
Luis A. Viada
Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans

Rent The Blues Foundation’s Blues Hall of Fame for your next event!

From Robert Johnson to Etta James, Muddy Waters to Stevie Ray Vaughan – Beginning the moment you arrive at The Blues Foundation’s Blues Hall of Fame Museum, you become immersed in the Blues. Upstairs, enjoy the rotating exhibits of our Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise Gallery. Downstairs, become immersed in our interactive touch-screens where you can hear the best in Blues music, watch historic videos, and read Blues Hall of Famer biographies while engaging directly with the artifacts and memorabilia that honors those who have made the Blues timeless. Our unique facility in the heart of Memphis’ South Main District makes for the ideal venue to host your next office party, birthday soiree, or rehearsal dinner, where your guests can truly experience Memphis as the Home of The Blues.

Photos by Andrea Zucker

Become a Volunteer Docent at The Blues Foundation’s Blues Hall of Fame

Docent responsibilities are easy and fun:

  • Greet visitors and make them feel welcome
  • Demonstrate how to use the individual gallery interactive touchscreens and the museum’s master databases
  • Share basic information about the Blues Hall of Fame with visitors
  • Tell visitors about the other programs and good works done by The Blues Foundation
  • Pass along recommendations for other attractions and restaurants
  • Help staff keep a watchful eye on the space

The docent volunteer time commitment is a minimum of twice a month for a 4 hour shift. As of June 2022 the Blues Hall of Fame is open 5 days a week, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, and 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday. Expertise in blues music is not required but enjoyment of music, history, and interacting with people is a must!

For information contact Nick Dorney 901-527-2583, ext 20 or email [email protected].

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