Drifting Blues — Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers (Charles Brown, vocal) (Philo, 1945)

One of the records that helped define the burgeoning postwar West Coast style of smooth “lounge blues,” “Drifting Blues” stayed on the Billboard “Race Records” chart in 1946. Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers consisted of Moore on guitar, Eddie Williams on bass, and Charles Brown on vocals and piano; Brown sang on a number of hits as a group member before striking out on his own. His lush, mellifluous style introduced a new and highly influential approach to singing the blues. “Drifting Blues” was the Three Blazers’ first hit (recorded in Los Angeles on Sept. 11, 1945) and reached the charts again in 1968 when Bobby Bland gave it his own spin.

Released on Philo 112 (78rpm) in 1946. Rereleases on 78rpm or 45rpm: Aladdin 111, Aladdin 183, Imperial 018, Imperial 5905.

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