Manish Boy’ was one of a series of Chess singles that featured Muddy Waters convincingly touting his own virility (‘spelled M-A-N, that represent man, no B-O-Y’) ably (and verbally) assisted by an all-star crew with Junior Wells filling the harmonica spot usually held by Little Walter on Muddy’s sessions. It was a solid stop-time followup to Muddy’s ‘I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man’ and Bo Diddley’s 1955 hit ‘I’m a Man.’ The original composer credits for ‘Manish (later also spelled ‘Mannish’) Boy’ went to Muddy, Ellas McDaniel (Bo Diddley) and a young Chicago songwriter, Mel London, who ran several blues labels in subsequent years. The record hit the Top Ten in all three of the R&B charts Billboard magazine then published: Best Sellers in Stores, Most Played in Juke Boxes, and Most Played by Jockeys.

Muddy Waters, vocal with Junior Wells, harmonica; Jimmy Rogers, guitar; Willie Dixon, bass; Fred Below, drums; vocal responses by band. Recorded May 24, 1955, Chicago. Released as Chess 1602 (78 and 45 rpm single).

Discographical details from The Blues Discography 1943-1970.