Texas Flood was the 1958 classic covered for a far wider audience by Stevie Ray Vaughan 25 years later. Larry Davis was already a soulful vocalist in 1958, and would become a powerful guitarist, but at that time he was playing bass in Little Rock, Arkansas, in tandem with Fenton Robinson, who provided the guitar licks. Authorship of the song was at times attributed to Davis, to Duke Records arranger Joe Scott, and to label owner Don Robey, but according to Davis’ former bandmate Ernest Lane, Davis got the song from California R&B singer A.C. (Aaron) Collins when the band was doing a stint on the West Coast, and during a period when Texas was indeed experiencing disastrous flooding in the spring of 1957 (and again in 1958, just after the recording session).

Larry Davis, vocal and bass; Fenton Robinson, guitar; James Booker, piano; David Dean, tenor sax; unknown drums. Recorded May 16 and 26, 1958, Houston, Texas. Released on Duke 192 (45rpm).

Discographical details from The Blues Discography 1943-1970.

— Jim O’Neal