‘Wang Dang Doodle’ was the last Willie Dixon-produced Chicago blues single to make the Billboard charts, achieiving the No. 4 R&B and No. 58 Hot 100 positions in the spring of 1966. It became Koko Taylor’s signature crowdpleaser, inspiring singalongs to the ‘all night long’ refrain night after night. Based on a bawdy toast Dixon remembered from his youth known as ‘The Bulldagger’s Ball,’ the song is peopled with colorful characters such as Razor Totin’ Jim and Butcherknife Totin’ Annie, all invited to pitch a wang dang doodle down at the union hall. Dixon had tried this song twice before striking gold with Koko: once singing it with the El Rays in 1954 and producing a version by Howlin’ Wolf in 1960.

Koko Taylor, vocal, with Willie Dixon, vocal; Gene Barge, tenor sax; Lafayette Leake, piano; Buddy Guy, guitar; Johnny Twist, guitar; Jack Myers, bass; Fred Below, drums. Recorded Dec. 7, 1965, Chicago. Released as Checker 1135 (45 rpm single).

Discographical details from The Blues Discography 1943-1970.