Blues & Rhythm, The Gospel Truth was founded in the UK in 1984. The magazine is now Europe’s leading blues magazine. Published ten times a year, B&R covers the whole range of Blues, R&B, Gospel, Doo Wop and ‘vintage Soul music. It has been responsible for publishing groundbreaking research on countless artists, record companies/labels and Blues related subjects, with a special focus on obscure US Blues/R&B and Gospel artists as well as promoting new artists. Renowned for its extensive reviews section, B&R contributors include well known B1ues/R&B
authorities, experts and critics such as Neil Slaven, Dave Penny, Ray Templeton, Chris Smith, Paul Oliver, Norman Darwen, Opal Louis Nations, Chris Bentley, Billy Vera, Phil Wight, Paul Swinton as well as its main editorial team of Tony Burke (Editor), Tony; Watson (Admin & Production), Keith Briggs (Reviews Editor), Byron Foulger, (Subscription Manager).