Dear Blues Foundation Members,Passion. Devotion. Welcoming. Embracing. This is what I feel as I get to know everyone here. As the newcomer to the family, I thank you for the tremendous opportunity to serve as The Blues Foundation’s CEO.In my short time here, I have learned your love for The Foundation stems from its history of extraordinary experiences. From amazing events to the Blues Hall of Fame – you support us because of the wonderful ways your membership allows you to celebrate and pay homage to the blues.The Blues Foundation membership experience is so amazing, that you may be surprised by the small number of people on staff that make it all happen. Yes, they are among the passionate, devoted, welcoming, and embracing people I have met. They have done an admirable job navigating the worst crisis of our time – COVID-19. For all they have done to sustain this great organization, they deserve the chance to press pause (just briefly), to reset and set course for the great things ahead. I am sure you are finding yourself having to do the same in many ways.To do this, The Blues Foundation’s Blues Hall of Fame is closed until late April allowing us to safely conduct facility maintenance, fill open staff positions, and gear up to bring back the International Blues Challenge, Blues Music Awards, Blues Hall of Fame inductions, Keeping the Blues Alive Award ceremony and all the other experiences you love in grand fashion.The building may be closed but the great blues experience is still happening online. Our social media and website are the places where you can find the latest news.As we are taking this brief pause for the cause, please stay safe and well because this spring we look forward to reopening our doors and welcoming you back home.My Best,Judith BlackPresident & CEO, The Blues Foundation